Dr. Tantuco is interested in you more than just as a patient, he interacts with you, and remembers you as an individual. He insures that your rights, autonomy, modesty, and privacy is respected at all times.

Family Man

Dr. Tantuco is a devoted husband and a loving father, and enjoys his free time in the traditional family environment.

Up to date

Medicine industry is changing all the time and it's important that your doctor is always up to date with new findings, innovative research and emerging theories at all times, you will always find Dr.Tantuco well informed on the latest .


Dr. Tantuco tries to understand what you are feeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally, and always communicates that understanding to you.


You will realize that Dr. Tantuco is very caring, compassionate, and kind. He treats all patients equally, regardless of their ethnicity, lifestyle choices or conduct.

State of Art Clinic

Dr. Tantuco's clinic offers the most advanced technological equipment to assist in treatments, this combination of modern technology and knowledge ensures excellent results.

Helpful Staff

You will find that the team members of Dr. Tantuco are always helpful and kind, making sure that every patient feels welcome and is facilitated.

Office Access

Dr. Tantuco's clinic is right in the center of Houston, The Texas Medical Center, so it does not matter how you commute and where you are, you will never find him far when you are in need of medical assistance.



Dr. Irvin C. Tantuco is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor in Houston, Texas providing comprehensive general medical care to adults. Dr. Tantuco’s philosophy focuses on offering highly respectful, professional and effective care to each patient. Every effort is made by the doctor to carefully design treatment plans that are inclusive of the broad range and complexity of adult health and illness. The special uniqueness of each patient, as well as their personal goals in life and their health, are of the utmost importance to Dr. Tantuco and his staff.


Dr. Tantuco is an Assistant Professor with Baylor College of Medicine, he operates his own private Internal Medicine practice at the Museum District, North of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Dr. Tantuco maintains a unique approach to patient care by utilizing the latest, most effective medical treatments, combined with old fashioned concern and respect for the patient as an individual and their overall well-being. This personalized approach has helped to solidify a rewarding, lasting relationship between Dr. Tantuco and his patients, making him a unique doctor among other doctors practicing Internal Medicine in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Tantuco understands the difficulty of obtaining quality medical care by the doctor that many people face in an increasingly complex and impersonal health care system. As your personal Internal Medicine doctor in Houston, Dr. Tantuco is genuinely interested in your well-being and will not only provide you the best care possible, but also coordinate your medical care with other excellent specialists throughout the city. As an Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Tantuco is wholly committed to providing you with the best medical care that a doctor can give whenever you need it. Dr. Tantuco and his medical team is available 24 hours a day and arranges medical care if you are admitted to an affiliated Houston hospital. You will always have a familiar face with your best interests in mind when combating medical issues, whenever that may be. Put simply, Dr. Tantuco is more than your Internal Medicine doctor in the city of Houston: he is your guiding hand across the vast medical landscape, continually ensuring that the care you receive is the care you deserve.

Dr. Tantuco specializes in Internal Medicine offering comprehensive health care to adults. This includes general physical examinations, treatment of acute medical illnesses and the ongoing care of chronic medical diseases; he also provides preventive and screening medical services. Dr. Tantuco believes that patient care is best delivered through an individual patient and doctor relationship so that continuity of care is possible. In the increasingly complex world of medicine, the doctor will also help coordinate your care among necessary specialty referrals. He strives to provide the highest level of health care by focusing on both the emotional and physical well-being of his patients while offering the highest level of care. In Houston, patients see Dr. Tantuco for a wide variety of medical conditions – everything from allergies and asthma to serious health issues. However, the following are some of the more common internal medicine concerns Dr. Tantuco addresses:

• Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

• Sleep Apnea and other sleeping disorders

• Nutritional issues and nutritional supplements

• Hormonal issues

• Thyroid problems

• Weight loss/weight management

• Upper respiratory infections

o Bronchitis

o Cold

o Flu

o Sore throat

o Sinus congestion

o Allergies and asthma

• Gastrointestinal problems

The doctor’s office in Houston is providing highly sophisticated diagnostic techniques and the most advanced medical therapies available with a focus on integrative and preventive medicine, Dr. Tantuco and his attentive staff at his clinic near the Texas Medical Center, Houston offer the highest level of care that can be given by a doctor.

Dr. Tantuco and his staff are dedicated to providing top quality, professional, personalized care at affordable rates that enables even those without health insurance to access our health care system. All patients are treated with respect, confidentiality, and given the individualized attention that they deserve by the doctor. We care about our patients and believe that spending sufficient time for communication and education are essential aspects of a healthy relationship between a patient and doctor. Besides making health care uniquely affordable by charging modest fees, we offer a unique ability to help one navigate through the health care system, by finding only the best and lowest cost referrals for specialists and imaging tests. Our goal is to establish long lasting and trusted relationships with all our patients.

For personalized and comprehensive medical care by a doctor in Houston, trust your needs to Irvin C. Tantuco, MD. We are always happy to answer your questions or show you around the doctor’s office. Please contact us if you would like further information or an appointment with the doctor.

Special arrangements can be made for patients who are not from the Houston area.

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